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“If I were a bird,I would fly high into the skies and never look back to the things that held me back in times past, things that were never meant to stay with me. Things that took away my happiness”. I have found what I have always wanted and I must not give up on it. It’s a treasure I may never have again,but I must not also look forward to the  things that will distract me from the treasure I have now”.  These were the thoughts that were running through Tumaini’s mind, the man who saved Pendo.

He had been relieving himself on the Mbezi beach, where he goes to seek comfort and meditate upon his life. He had found something which he never had thought of.  He had fallen in love with Pendo after visiting her on her sick bed at the hospital, after that eventful night.
Both of them were surprised at seeing each  other and blushed with beautiful smiles all over their faces to express how grateful they were to someone who had been kind towards them.  Pendo was glad for meeting the man who had saved her, and Tumaini was grateful to God for saving Pendo’s life. They greeted each other and begun introducing themselves.

That’s how things had started to work so swiftly between them within a few weeks. Pendo had promised to support Tumaini out of his situation and help him build a new life for himself.
Tumaini was the son of an oil merchant in Kenya, but had been disowned by his own family after he had refused to kowtow to their demands of he studying medicine some years ago. He had been able to survive in Tanzania all this while with the little penny he had in his bank account, until that fateful day when he was attacked and robbed on his way to work. As if the world had turned against him, he was sacked by his cruel boss for being late for work, even though he tried his best explaining things to him.

That’s how come he had ended up on the streets, and found himself in that uncompleted building on the night when Pendo was almost raped and killed.
Pendo and Tumaini started falling in love with each other despite all the disparity that were obvious to separate them. Tumaini wasn’t ready to give up on  Pendo for anything, not even for his family, who had disowned him to his own fate.

Pendo also cherished his commitment, love, loyalty and most of all his patience towards her. Sifa couldn’t believe this for herself and saw all that happened as a comedy, even though she had been a witness to the memorable events between them.
Pendo sometimes imagined how things would have been if she hadn’t met Tumaini and that motivated her to render her heart and being to him, which he took very care of without a sigh.

‘Pendo, nakupenda zaidi ya chochote ( I love you more than anything) for the new life you gave me when I never deserved it.
‘ I owe you nothing than the life which you saved when it was almost stolen and lost’.

These were the poetic conversations they always had whenever they sat out in the night to look at the beautiful, spherical moon. They sounded like two poets who knew how to play with their imaginations at twilight.

One evening as they went to have dinner at one of the finest restaurants in Dar together with Sifa and his lovely, stylish  boyfriend, Tumaini stood up unexpectedly and  blew their minds with the unexpected. He went on his knees and grabbed Pendo’s hands and begun reciting one his love poems.

” I don’t think you will ever fully comprehend how you’ve made my dreams come true, or how you’ve opened my heart to love and the wonders it can do. I seek not for anything, but I seek out for your companionship. I seek out for no one, but I seek you alone, who makes my life and aspirations complete and unquenchable. I seek you to be the one that will fill the vacuum that is left by being my woman and wife till eternity. This I ask of you, my Pendo. Be my Wife😍😍!” As he placed the blinking and glittering diamond bracelet around her wrist.

Pendo couldn’t believe what she was witnessing, never had she thought he would do this so early. Her eyes were filled with barrels of tears pouring out steadily like the rain drizzling on a Sunday morning.

They were tears of joy in her eyes like that of Cristiano Ronaldo’s when they qualified to the finals of Euros after drawing all their games in the group stages and managing to steal the shootouts from the most deservedly Polish team.

‘ I am ready for you Tumaini, take me and make me yours’, she replied as they held and hugged each other tightly and as they were about to kiss, they heard GOOOOOAL⚽. Portugal had done another wonders. This made them burst  into laughter and kissed💏 more , as Sifa and his boyfriend stood gazing and applauding them.

Do you feel  the 💑 in the air

To be continued later………

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​It was an exciting episode yesterday, but I first seek to  apologise wholeheartedly for the petty mistakes that cropped up. Hope you enjoy today’s edition which is dedicated to a very close friend of mine.

Pendo laid bleeding profusely  like an innocent  lamb slain in the throat by a cruel butcher. She had been shot in the ribs making her groan loudly in a helpless state. She had been left all by herself and was  almost blanking out when she saw a man in tattered clothes like a mad man seeking a place to shade himself from the cozy weather drawing close.

The man quickly drew closer to her and took off his tattered shirts to shield her wound and carried her in his arms and rushed to the roadside to get a vehicle to convey her to the hospital. This man was shedding tears as if he knew who he was helping. It was an ironic moment for Pendo as she tried taking a close look at the man.

After some few minutes they got to the Kairuki hospital where Pendo was put on the emergency carrier by the nurses. This man was still crying uncontrollably which drew an unwanted attention from the nurses at the reception. They were awed by his appearance and behaviour .

He sat down with his head leaning on the wall,waiting to hear from the nurses or the doctor before leaving.
“Is she alive doctor”, he asked with his eyes dripping with tears.
“Are you related to the victim”, the doctor asked him.

“No doctor, I was on my way to sleep in an uncompleted building  when I met her laying down, bleeding and I  didn’t have any option than to help her. Seeing her groan soaked my eyes since I had being a victim like her some years back”.

The doctor and the nurse were surprised and were swelled with goosebumps as they listened to his narration.
“Her condition is getting stable, gentleman. I will advise you return tomorrow to see her if it will be possible to do so”, as he he reached out for some shillings from his wallet to give to the man.
“Asante Mkuu , ubarikiwe(thank you boss, be blessed)” he said as he bid farewell to the doctor and the nurses.

Meanwhile, Pendo laid on her bed,wondering in her dream how she had been save by a man in a shiny white shirt. The  radiating smiles on her face could only show how thankful she felt for whoever had saved her life.

After  some hours of good sleep she woke up , and tried raising herself up but she only ended up hurting herself. The nurse noticed she was awake and quickly rushed to her aid.
Hey, you are wake dear, I hope you are feeling quite better?”
“Yes please, nurse. “May I know who brought me to the hospital ?”

“Eeerm, errrm, sujui nisemeje(I don’t know what to even say)”,she said to herself. “It was a tall, hairy man in  tattered clothes who brought you. He really seemed troubled and disturbed by your condition,  we thought he knew you until he revealed that he was passing by when he saw you in a helpless state and  had brought you here. We asked him to pass  by tomorrow to check on you so don’t worry much, you will definitely meet him tomorrow”.

Pendo seemed lost in thoughts as she was trying to figure out who this man was. How come he was at the place of incident,  were I almost got raped and shot? Was he one of the bad guys who was trying be a hero like Judas? Why would he save my life?”

These were the sort of questions she kept asking herself till she remembered that she had a friend, Sifa. Sifa must know about my situation she said to herself as she called out to the nurse to help her reach out to Sifa.

“Hello Sifa, please come to the Kairuki hospital now, I have been admitted here”.
Meanwhile, the man who had rescued her had returned to find another place to spend the night at as it was raining by then. Who could this man be?

To be continued……..
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Hello to you my cherished readers. It’s a wonderful moment to share with you some of my short but fascinating stories,written mostly on my leisure schedules. I hope you enjoy this new journey with me😎 !

It was a thunderous, raining💧💧💧💧,cold morning as she woke up after a long but horrific night occupied with horrendous nightmares,full of discomforting scenes of  attempted rape and murder.

A nightmare that never tends to elude her mind whenever she needs a good sleep.  It always casts her mind to the night she was attacked on her way back home from one of her normal routine of visiting her best friend, Sifa.

Sifa has always been that tight – lovely friend of Pendo ever since they met at the University of Dar es Salaam,a place which abodes “Lila na Fila” (good and bad) memories.
She had gone to visit Sifa that very night and they really enjoyed themselves cooking Pilau and quenching their thirst with Novida, watching movies, cracking jokes and singing lullabies reminiscing their childhood.
They had taken keen interest in knowing themselves very well just like Jackie and Teo,  trying to build a formidable friendship and sharing their experiences and expectations for the future ahead after school.
It never occured to them how time had eluded them,since they had fallen asleep after a watching an exciting episode of the Ghanaian series named Yolo (You Only Live Once),which educates the young generation about the dangers of HIV/AIDS and it’s associated Infections.

On a normal day, she would have slept at Sifa’s place as she frequently does and not burdening herself to get a bajaji back to her rented house near Mikocheni.  Sifa didn’t have any other option than to bid farewell to her beautiful, slender friend,Pendo,after trying to convince her to pass out the night at her place.

She escorted her towards the main road as she waited patiently for a bajaji, “the safest” transport system to border at night in Dar es Salaam, if you’re not a bulky,bold man like either Bertold or Mzungu.
Pendo normally prefers bordering an empty bajaji,but  unfortunately this time there were two young,criminal – like passengers already inside,which arouse her fears. She hesitated climbing onto it,as it may be a trap set for her just like any other innocent lady for the thirsty,cruel men waiting and searching for a prey to devour to satisfy their sexual pleasures.
On her attempt to flee from them,she hit her leg against a stone and fell unconsciously on the tarted, lonely and quiet road. Then the young men grabbed her like a deadwood into the bajaji,smiling at each other just like Suarez and Diego Costa,the villains of modern football. Quickly and swiftly they drove away from place and headed towards their laboratory to digest their prey.

When they got the place,they heard screeching sounds of tables in the room, which prompted their steps toward the middle room of the uncompleted building. Some two other folks were already enjoying a nice meal,which they had grabbed from their normal prostitute’s joints at Sinza.

They silently entered the room without the notice of the crew who were exercising their muscles on the two plumpy ladies.
Meanwhile, Pendo was still unconscious and the others looking after her ,started pulling down her trousers as they undressed her. Suddenly,she gained consciousness and pushed the guy who was on top of her and ran naked as she was towards the middle room unknowingly. The very place where there was a confrontation going on between the guys who were with the prostitutes and those that had captured her.
BOOM!BOOM!BOOM!!! Were the shots of the gun directed towards  Pendo. She had been caught up in a mess.
To be continued ……….

By Nii Adjetey Cleland

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