The test of a good teacher is not how many questions he can ask his pupils that they will answer readily, but how many questions he inspires them to ask him which he finds it hard to answer.
-Alice Wellington Rollins

A teacher takes a HAND,opens a MIND, touches a HEART. The best part of everyone’s life is to remember the hands that helped in their upbringing and this includes golden people like our teachers. Even though we had tough times with them, we cannot dispute the good seeds that they tirelessly planted on our thorny and rocky hearts as young as we were then.

Some were mothers,fathers and others were brothers and sisters. Some were friends others were treasures, all and sundry impacting greatly in our lives.

To be frank there were interesting characters we had as teachers,some were good and others were too good with the canes. A day without caning was a sacred day. We had the likes of Mr. Agbosege, Mr. Amoah,Mr. Awuku, Mr.Amakye, Aunty Bea, Nana  Forson, Mr.Sowah,Mr. Kotey and others who were good at two things.

First,they were good with teaching and made sure their students were tooo good to be students. The other was that they could cane the devil out of you. Their canes were special in our lives. It helped shaped our lives. There was a lady from one of the business class,who persistently and consciously made sure she collapsed whenever she was to be caned,that was her way to escape.

There were some teachers who made us laugh all the time either by their demanour our acts. Such were Mr. Ohemeng, Agbesi,Joe Regge, Asare, Mrs . Agyeman, Mr. Okai. You could always expect to have a glimpse of laughter whenever you meet them.

Mr. Okai,the then music teacher was really smart with his dressing.  He made sure his trousers were beyond his waist with his buttocks shaking like a woman whenever he walked. He was funny in nature. He together with Mr. Amakye, Nana Forson and Mr. Asamoah helped the choir’s renaissance.

We had the mothers like, Miss Lartey, Ocansey, Quansah, Adike Lawer, Aneh, Acolatse, Akumeh who played different roles in people’s lives.

Another incredible staff member we had in the school was the late Mrs. Wellington a.k.a Signm). Every student who went to OPRE came into contact with this amazing woman. She was the store keeper and stock distributor who incessantly insisted that students signed against their names whenever they went to collect their books, uniforms or anything that had to do with her office,which earned her the nickname Signm). She was friendly and amiable to all students and other staff members. May her soul perfectly rest in God’s bosom.

Mr. Botwe! A short,fine grown man with admirable moustache who made sure his students never kept their beards or moustache like his. He was a thorn in the flesh of many students. He was very good at seizing unprescribed uniforms, shoes,belts,wrist bands and most importantly mobile phones. He could sniff,smell and identify if a student was having a phone. He was also our senior supervisor during examinations. You could hardly sneak something into the exams hall.

Rev. Wellington was that cool teacher who always loved to be in the biology laboratory and you hardly find outside the school compound.

There were also some teachers who always sent students on errands never bothering if they had classes or not either to the bank,market, to buy food for them.

We had the English experts like Ms. Dowetin, Agbeme,Mr. Nat Amoah,Ms. Moncar who prepared the debate team for competitions and Mr.Otu our funny P.E teacher who chased us to P.E always.

Miss. Aba Quainoor a.k.a Cadet madam was another wonderful character. She was the backbone of the Cadet and typing students who always made noise with typewriters. Miss Ala Adjetey-Din, another hardworking Oposan counterpart of Ms. Aba Quainoor.

There were two wonderful women who steered the affairs of the school. Ms. Adjetey and Ms. Osei. This combination was awesome. Each one of them had their special weapons which they used very well. Ms. Osei was the literature teacher and could missile words to conquer a student. “Look at your crooked nose”,was her popular phrase. The literature students always testified to scoring James Bond numbers in their exams like OO2, 003, 007,001. How?

Ms. Adjetey being a Ga teacher manipulated her language so well that they they could straighten a crooked spine. These two were hardworking and brought the best from their students.

Ms. D. D. O Welbeck a.k.a Kyeeiwaa was an outstanding and  successful head teacher you could hardly find. Rooted and adherent  to the values and principles of discipline irrespective of who mattered. She always kept the ball rolling at all times,ensuring that both students and teachers were performing satisfactorily.

She knew every student by his or her name and her passion and drive for extra curricula activities were irresistible and incessant. The school choir was her identity,the drama club her fashion and sports her life. She loved and supported every activity under her auspices.

This cannot end without mentioning the likes of D3d33d3,Jona a.k.a Carpiee,  and Mr. Antwi.  These three  have been working with the school for many years and still counting. Mr. Antwi was our horticulturist who beautified the flowers and trees to suit the landmark of the school. D3d33d3 was our gate man who did his work with dedication and diligence. He was very friendly to all students, but was the one that bared students who hadn’t paid their school fees from entering the school.Carpiee,the school’s carpenter and boyfriend to all the girls.

All these people and others are like golden petals in our hearts like the daffodils. We will cherish them always. Oh life brings to us unforgettable memories.

By : Nii Adjetey Cleland
Facebook : Nii Adjetey Cleland
Twitter : @macgillcleland

© 2016

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