Gone where the day when Mr. Johnson,Kofi Yesu, Mr. Ankamah,the professional P.E  teachers  who masterminded the success of the school in terms of sporting activities. From athletics to soccer, hockey to cross country. Presec Osu excelled in them all and we had great heroes and heroines. But behind these successes,there were interesting stories surrounding them.

It was  in the middle of the term when, Kofi Yesu called for preparations towards the upcoming InterCo. This time it was soccer,volley ball,hockey,table tennis, basketball. As usual, you will see the likes of Pius Owusu, Odai, Ahmed, Andrew (Gaucho),Coleman(Guns), Wellington Daniel the other footballers making up the team for school. Odai was a professional goalkeeper who plied his trades with Liberty professional, one of Ghana’s top team and happened to be sponsored to watch the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Even though we had a great squad,we couldn’t rock horns with the likes of La Presec, Teshie Presec and Kinbu, who had fantastic players. The team that we were at par with most at times were Labone, St. Thomas Aquinas and O’reiley.

On the other hand we performed brilliantly in terms of handball with the likes of Samuel Newton, Kassim, Dellor, Bezoe. For the girls division we had the likes of Keziah Danquah,who was an all rounder in all sporting  activities. She could play handball,hockey,football and volley ball.

Hockey was fun amongst all sporting events at OPRE. We had great talents who marvelled and showcased our school in the whole  country. At the mention of Hockey,all schools kowtowed to  us. We have been great in this field since the late 1970’s with the likes of Mr. Lomotey who played for the national team on several occasions and later on became a teacher and helped groomed players for subsequent years. OPRE happened to produce players at all levels for the national hockey  teams,both male and female categories.

Johny Botsio and Emmanuel Akaba were the fame of the school. They were already playing in the junior national teams and Johnny was voted the best and top scorer in Africa.  He was also adjudged the promising star of the year during the SWAG awards in 2011. 

Akaba was an excellent player as well. Both Akaba and Botsio mesmerising to watch.We also had the likes of Dj Kple, Gideon Ashley, Emmanuel Obeng, Theophilus Ofosu Manu, Gerrard Amarteifio and Keziah Danquah. This was the sports that Miss. Welbeck a.k.a Kyeewaa loved so much and she play as well.

Percy Peprah, Adiza Mohammed and Esther were fans of table tennis.

In athletics,there was only one person amongst others who was outstanding and remains in the history books of OPRE, he is called Kenya. Kenya a was a top long distance runner in the country with his counterpart Ethiopia from Chemu Secondary school. They were both brilliant and thrilling to watch during InterCo. Their raced like cheetahs, with their hearts never stopping to beat.

I remember vividly how students were caned to pay their house dues or tickets for InterCo. You will see Mr. Johnson bullying students and squeezing monies out of their pockets,braziers, shoes and bags to pay. It was really fun.

On the day of InterCo , you will see Dorothy, Mercy,Kofi Annan,Priscilla Noi,Tea bread and bounce bread,Midoley,Okla,  Ankamah, Augustus, Quaynor, Cleland, Phyllis, Samantha, Regina Cudjoe, Seth Opoku,Akanlo,Clement, Clara,Mavis,Dorcas Manortey,Abigail Yeboah and others all in their track suits trekking to El wak to witness the games. One amazing thing that the  guys of OPRE did was to come all way to Daavi’s place to eat z)z) before they set off for El wak irrespective of their houses.

El wak was a special place for most students from different schools. It was the place where boyfriends met girlfriends, students wore skinny or short dresses,dance battles were held,and ‘ jama’ took place.

It was on one of these occasions when I met my adororable friend, Beatrice Provecal from Accra Girls. It was fun that day as I spent almost the day walking and chatting with her and other friends.

It was really a time to meet old friends and make new ones. During this time you will see the OPRE ladies hanging on to the Aquinas and Labone boys. It was always a dream to meet the Labone girls. They were immaculate and splendid in their dressing,indeed admirable. You couldn’t locate a spot in their white shirts nor their long white socks with short skirts,with some of their guys acting girlish.

Do you also know that some girls depended on InterCo to visit their boyfriends at their houses or go on a shopping spree at Makola or circle?

These tales will never be forgotten.

Continues later

By : Nii Adjetey Cleland
Facebook : Nii Adjetey Cleland
Twitter : @macgillcleland



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