It was on the 14th October, 2008,one beautiful morning, a day that marked the beginning of stardom and doomdom for students who had qualified to the senior secondary school to further their education. A memorable and a special day for those who had gotten admissions to the renowned schools in the country like Achimota, Mfantsepim, Holy Child,Accra Academy, St. Thomas Aquinas, Krobo Girls,Wesley Girls and the rests.  Whilst people like Ahmed,Botsio, Adiza, Cleland, Eleazer, Dorothy, Mercy,Quaynor(Sasco Rat),Black Jesus and Kumi,the most darkest in colour had also secured admission to no other school than the Presbyterian Senior High School, Osu.

That eventful morning, Charles woke up earlier than the  usual,it was going to be his first day in school. He did all his house chores and quickly left home for school. The school wasn’t far away from his house,just a kilometre walk, but he had never stepped his feet on the compounds of the school until that very day. He had heard how stern and jovial the security personnel(D3d33d3) is. How the head academic was, gigantic and disciplined.

He met a fleet of students on the school compound, tidying it with all seriousness, with strict supervision by the seniors on duty.’Ee boy come and get a broom before the unexpected happens to you on your first day’, It was Kple,the senior on duty from the visual arts department.

Charles quickly did as was said. In the course  of cleaning the compound, the siren rang. The tune of the siren was very familiar to him that he could sing the solfa of it. It was time for Form Day.

In accordance to the tradition of the school,every Tuesday was put aside for meetings between the students and their Form masters or mistresses. It was a time to share ideas and pour out their grievances  in order for them to be addressed by the school authorities.

Cleland quickly went to his class, General Arts B. Other students were already in,some in their big school uniforms and others in unprescribed attires. Cleland  was very slim but cute,with deep dimples on his cheeks. His white and blue black uniform was a big as you can think. He was very small in them. The school uniform had been named “Kyeewaa martenity gown”, because no matter how shapeful you were,you could just not be identified. It’s that uniform that displaces your natural beauty.

Mr. Sackey a.k.a Joe Regge, the Form master for General Arts B arrived in the class and took his seat.
“Good morning, you are welcome to OPRE, the school which is famous for discipline and hard work.  Before we start with today’s meeting, I want one of you to say a word of prayer. You fair lady what’s your name?”

“Sir please am called Dorothy “. “Okay play for us”, Joe Regge said. “Sir please what did you say?”
“Herr I said play for us”. All the students laughed their hearts out. “Quite, he said to prompt them from laughing.

Joe Regge had the problem of pronouncing the alphabets  (L &R),it’s something associated with the Alan.

,Joe Regge opened the floor for recital of memory verses,after Dorothy  had finished praying.Dorothy was one of the students in unprescribed attire. She wore a blue check attire with her hair well combed .It was  then the Scripture scholars stood up with the likes of Mercy, Dorothy,Ruby,Isaac, Bright and Benjamin. They all recited their verses well and then the meeting formally started.

Dorothy was very fair and beautiful,with a tiny sweet voice. She was very attractive to all the boys in the class and almost all of them found themselves around her. Cleland was amongst those people.

Normal school activities continued after the Form day.
Soon afterwards, Miss Adjetey a.k.a Manchester entered the class and caught some students shouting on top of their voices. It was Prince and Vincent. She quickly gave them some strokes of cane. Vincent couldn’t sit on the desk after receiving the lashes. Cleland  and Joseph laughed at them.

First day at OPRE wasn’t that memorable, as expected by all the form 1’s . This was because the Form 3 students were bullying the the Ninos. Poor Benjamin was asked  to kneel down because he refused to buy z)z)(beans) for one of his seniors who wasn’t having money that day.

Unfortunately for Benjamin, Mr. Amoah saw him kneeling down and perceived he had done something bad. He quickly asked for a cane and gave him some lashes.
“I will give you six thousand(6000)”. That was his favourite phrase he quoted whenever  he had to cane someone.

To be continued later………………..

By : Nii Adjetey Cleland
Facebook : Nii Adjetey Cleland
Twitter : @macgillcleland



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