Episode 4


‘ Where are you coming from Atta Laryea? Where and what have you been up to?  Tell me before I give you a resounding slap on both sides of your face! Have you forgotten your manners? How can you direspectfully leave the house without informing us, your parents? You must be very careful ooo!’ Aunty Caro said exasperated.

 ‘Mom calm down, I haven’t done anything bad except that I forgot to inform you of my whereabouts. I’m sorry for that,besides I saved the life of a precious person not long ago. I think you will be more grateful when you get to know what am talking about’, Atta Laryea said and leaving to his room.

‘My son come here!  Whose life did you save?’,she asked curiously. Mom it’s Naa, your friend, Mrs. Nortey’s daughter. She was involved in accident on her way to ermm  ermm….’. Stop the erm erm, on her  way to where?, His mom inquired with a straight face.
‘Mom I invited her to come and share my jollof with me’,he said, turning his face away from his mother.

‘Chef Laryea, have you prepared any jollof that you invited someone to come eat with you, not to mention, my friend’s daughter. You should have told me, I would have  put some on fire for her? But I hope she is fine now?’

Meanwhile Atta Laryea’s father and his brother were laughing at them, especially the jollof part,”Chef Laryea”.

Aunty Caro took her phone and called Mrs. Nortey to extend her support to the family. Both of them had been good friends since they joined the Osu Ebenezer Presbyterian Church, but have been distanced for some time now. Mrs. Nortey was quick to thank and acknowledge what Atta Laryea had done for her daughter.

Atta Laryea was very tired and needed to have enough rest before he returns to the hospital once again to seek the welfare of Naa. As he was sleeping, he dreamt again. This time, he was on the bed side of Naa, singing to her. Naa was so happy as she attentively enjoyed Atta Laryea’s voice,that magical voice that had attracted her to him.

Atta Laryea woke up after sleeping for close to an hour, this time there was no interruption from anyone. He really enjoyed this dream,and purposed to replicate it in reality when he gets to the hospital. He went the bathroom and planned to rehearse song to sing for Naa as he bathed. ‘Should I sing “I need Thee every hour” or “When morning gildes the sky?”-He contemplated. This was so interesting.
 Unknown to him, his mom had bought some fruits and packed them nicely in a basket to be sent to Naa.
When Atta Laryea was done,he went to the sitting room and sought for permission from his dad, who delightfully permitted him.
There was something strange about his dad,as he seemed to be smiling all the time. Or was it that he was happy with the heroics of his son? Only God knows.

 “Unco Laryea, please come and take the fruits and give them to my “shayoo”. This made all of them burst into laughter. Atta Laryea then set off to the hospital.

When he got there,Naa’s parents hadn’t arrived yet, so he  sought the permission of the nurse on duty who took him to Naa’s ward. Naa was still asleep, but Atta Laryea  was allowed to sit by her bed side.

He began to sing solemnly , immediately the nurse left the ward. The sound of his voice woke Naa, who smiled and looked into Atta Laryea’s eyes. She then held his hand gently and smoothed them whiles he continued  singing.

To be continued  later……. Episode 5

By:Nii Adjetey Cleland
Facebook : Nii Adjetey Cleland
Twitter : @macgillcleland.


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