Episode 3

After some few minutes, Atta Laryea had a call from an unknown number,”who could this be?”, he thought. The only person he was expecting a call from was Naa, for direction to his house. He reluctantly answered the call. “Hello are you related to the owner of this phone? She was just involved in an accident on the Oxford  street and it seems you are the last person she called. Please rush to the SSNIT hospital on the Oxford Street of Osu”, said the caller.

Atta Laryea was left shocked after hearing the news of Naa’s involvement in an accident and was figuring out what to do. Little did he know about Naa’s family and at this moment, he wanted to rush to Naa’s house to inform her parents, but he also wasn’t sure if that was the best thing to do.

Naa had been knocked down by a car on her way to Atta Laryea’s house, and her condition wasn’t that good. She was to be operated on as soon as possible but needed a blood donor to save her life first. Things had turned so bad within a twinkling of an eye.

Atta Laryea quickly rushed to the road side and boarded a taxi to the hospital. He coincidentally met Mr. and Mrs. Nortey who were downhearted and lost in reality. Naa’s younger sister, Naa MoMo, was crying crying with her head buried between her legs.

The doctor came out after some few minutes, soaked in sweat as he was working very hard to save Naa’s life. “Who matches her blood group?”, the doctor asked. There was no answer from any of her family members,which was very strange to him.  Naa’s blood group was different  from  theirs.
“Please check mine if mine matchs hers”, Atta Laryea said shedding tears.

The doctor quickly asked the nurses to do the examination, which turned up to be positive. This appeared to have put smiles on the faces of Naa’s parents, but were still torn between hope and despair. Could Naa survive?  Atta Laryea was rushed to the ward for the blood transfusion whiles they fervently prayed.

After an hour, the doctor came out again, but this time relieved and happy. Naa’s life had been saved timely, and you could imagine the smiles that had relocated on their faces.

Mr. Nortey who was happiest amongst them,went and congratulated Atta Laryea, “you saved my daughter! ” Naa was the treasure he valued more than anything in his life.

“Whow”, Atta Laryea  sighed and sought permission to get back home  and return later in the evening, since his house was just 1 km from the hospital. What a day it had been for him.

Atta Laryea is the Hero……what happens next?
Episode 4

By :Nii Adjetey Cleland
Facebook : Nii Adjetey Cleland
Twitter : @macgillcleland


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