Episode 2


Atta Laryea arrived at home with smiles all over his face ,and one could tell that he had experienced something fascinating at church. He greeted his parents and his siblings, something he rarely did. This made his mom so excited and curious at the same time to find out what had caused the sudden change of behaviour.

He quickly rushed to his room and jumped onto his bed as he tried recollecting the kissing incident which he had justed experienced. He least expected it, not from Naa, the lady he had tried so hard to talk to. This memory blew him away into a deep sleep.

He dreamt walking along the beach with his dark shades on, and wearing his favourite Manchester United jersey with his name written behind it. As he was enjoying the breeze and admiring the colorful sea wavering , someone came from behind and tapped him. First, he felt reluctant to turn and look at the person. The person tapped him again which made him to turn quickly. It was Naa. “Oh my God!”, he shouted.

 He couldn’t believe his eyes. Neither could he turn his eyes away from her in her beautiful sea blue top with shorts and Adidas sneakers.
Naa grabbed his hand and smoothed it with her soft and chilly hands which made Atta Laryea shiver within his bones. He was feeling something special he had never felt before.

Atta Laryea was smiling all over whiles he was dreaming which drew his younger brother,Nii Yemo’s attention when he entered the room . Nii Yemo stood with his jaw dropped with saliva tricking down. He then decided to fetch ice water and sprinkled it on Atta Laryea’s face which woke him up from his beautiful sleep.

When he realized what Nii Yemo had done to him,he seized him and gave him a couple of knocks on his head. He had interrupted his dream as Naa was about to give him a peck.

He took out his phone and dialled Naa’s number. The phone rang for some time without any response. When he was about to end the call, Naa picked. “Hello, who am I speaking with? ” Naa said. “It’s me Atta Laryea”,he responded with his voice quivering.

” How are you my dear Laryea, I’ve been expecting your call all this while, what kept you so long?” Laryea couldn’t utter a word as he was left so startled.
Then Nii Yemo came again shouting Atta Laryea’s name, “jollof  is ready ooooo, come and eat”. Naa heard what was said at the background and asked Atta Laryea if he would like her to join him. “Welcome, welcome, come and feed me if you want I would be very glad”,he said jokingly.
Naa told him she will be on her way soon.

Is Atta Laryea lucky or just dreaming?

Episode 3 follows soon.

* Jollof – a type of Ghanaian dish prepared with rice and tomotoes, with its colour as orange.

By : Nii Adjetey Cleland
Facebook : Nii Adjetey Cleland
Twitter : @macgillcleland


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