Episode 1

Indeed God has given everyone their special gift or talent, and Atta Laryea is one those with the gift of music. His talent enviable and splashed joy on the faces of people. Atta Laryea as passionately and popularly called by his pals was from Osu. He was very tall and slender in nature with his face buried with beautiful and shiny beard. He was really handsome which made him outstanding amongst his colleagues. Atta Laryea was never born into a family background of musicians but excelled in it. He begun by following the mother of his favourite friend Odoi whenever she was going for choir rehearsals when he was just 7 years. That’s how come he realized his gift.

 As time went on, his passion for music increased more than anyone expected, that there were times when he went from house to house to remind the choristers of rehearsal whenever time was getting near. This made some of the choristers liked him more because of the zeal he had, even though he was very young. One day as the choir was rehearsing, Atta Laryea was called upon to rehearse a solo for communion service, because the main soloist, Efo couldn’t make it to rehearsal that day. Atta Laryea sang it beautifully that his fellow choristers applauded his efforts. Indeed he had a sweet and soft baritone voice.

At church, during service, the choir was called upon to render the song which had been rehearsed the other day. It was Presbyterian hymn number 3( My soul shall bless the Lord today) which every Presbyterian loves so much and enjoyed it more as Atta Laryea sang the solo sweetly to uplift their spiritual ecstasy with some shedding tears. He sang the hymn so well expressing all the dynamics in the music that you might think it was an angel who was singing.

After church service, Efo suddenly appeared from nowhere and looked on as the senior Presbyter handed Ghc 200 to Atta Laryea. Efo’s eyes were reddened as he cursed his stars for missing rehearsal which had paved way for Atta Laryea to be given the opportunity to sing the solo. To make things worse for him,  Naa the beautiful  daughter of Mr. Nortey came along and gave Atta Laryea a refreshing kiss on his cheek and also placed her contact card in his pocket. Atta Laryea couldn’t believe is eyes.
Could this be the beginning of great things for Atta Laryea?


By Nii Adjetey Cleland
Facebook: Nii Adjetey Cleland
Twitter: @macgillcleland.


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