Episode 3

After some few minutes, Atta Laryea had a call from an unknown number,”who could this be?”, he thought. The only person he was expecting a call from was Naa, for direction to his house. He reluctantly answered the call. “Hello are you related to the owner of this phone? She was just involved in an accident on the Oxford  street and it seems you are the last person she called. Please rush to the SSNIT hospital on the Oxford Street of Osu”, said the caller.

Atta Laryea was left shocked after hearing the news of Naa’s involvement in an accident and was figuring out what to do. Little did he know about Naa’s family and at this moment, he wanted to rush to Naa’s house to inform her parents, but he also wasn’t sure if that was the best thing to do.

Naa had been knocked down by a car on her way to Atta Laryea’s house, and her condition wasn’t that good. She was to be operated on as soon as possible but needed a blood donor to save her life first. Things had turned so bad within a twinkling of an eye.

Atta Laryea quickly rushed to the road side and boarded a taxi to the hospital. He coincidentally met Mr. and Mrs. Nortey who were downhearted and lost in reality. Naa’s younger sister, Naa MoMo, was crying crying with her head buried between her legs.

The doctor came out after some few minutes, soaked in sweat as he was working very hard to save Naa’s life. “Who matches her blood group?”, the doctor asked. There was no answer from any of her family members,which was very strange to him.  Naa’s blood group was different  from  theirs.
“Please check mine if mine matchs hers”, Atta Laryea said shedding tears.

The doctor quickly asked the nurses to do the examination, which turned up to be positive. This appeared to have put smiles on the faces of Naa’s parents, but were still torn between hope and despair. Could Naa survive?  Atta Laryea was rushed to the ward for the blood transfusion whiles they fervently prayed.

After an hour, the doctor came out again, but this time relieved and happy. Naa’s life had been saved timely, and you could imagine the smiles that had relocated on their faces.

Mr. Nortey who was happiest amongst them,went and congratulated Atta Laryea, “you saved my daughter! ” Naa was the treasure he valued more than anything in his life.

“Whow”, Atta Laryea  sighed and sought permission to get back home  and return later in the evening, since his house was just 1 km from the hospital. What a day it had been for him.

Atta Laryea is the Hero……what happens next?
Episode 4

By :Nii Adjetey Cleland
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Episode 2


Atta Laryea arrived at home with smiles all over his face ,and one could tell that he had experienced something fascinating at church. He greeted his parents and his siblings, something he rarely did. This made his mom so excited and curious at the same time to find out what had caused the sudden change of behaviour.

He quickly rushed to his room and jumped onto his bed as he tried recollecting the kissing incident which he had justed experienced. He least expected it, not from Naa, the lady he had tried so hard to talk to. This memory blew him away into a deep sleep.

He dreamt walking along the beach with his dark shades on, and wearing his favourite Manchester United jersey with his name written behind it. As he was enjoying the breeze and admiring the colorful sea wavering , someone came from behind and tapped him. First, he felt reluctant to turn and look at the person. The person tapped him again which made him to turn quickly. It was Naa. “Oh my God!”, he shouted.

 He couldn’t believe his eyes. Neither could he turn his eyes away from her in her beautiful sea blue top with shorts and Adidas sneakers.
Naa grabbed his hand and smoothed it with her soft and chilly hands which made Atta Laryea shiver within his bones. He was feeling something special he had never felt before.

Atta Laryea was smiling all over whiles he was dreaming which drew his younger brother,Nii Yemo’s attention when he entered the room . Nii Yemo stood with his jaw dropped with saliva tricking down. He then decided to fetch ice water and sprinkled it on Atta Laryea’s face which woke him up from his beautiful sleep.

When he realized what Nii Yemo had done to him,he seized him and gave him a couple of knocks on his head. He had interrupted his dream as Naa was about to give him a peck.

He took out his phone and dialled Naa’s number. The phone rang for some time without any response. When he was about to end the call, Naa picked. “Hello, who am I speaking with? ” Naa said. “It’s me Atta Laryea”,he responded with his voice quivering.

” How are you my dear Laryea, I’ve been expecting your call all this while, what kept you so long?” Laryea couldn’t utter a word as he was left so startled.
Then Nii Yemo came again shouting Atta Laryea’s name, “jollof  is ready ooooo, come and eat”. Naa heard what was said at the background and asked Atta Laryea if he would like her to join him. “Welcome, welcome, come and feed me if you want I would be very glad”,he said jokingly.
Naa told him she will be on her way soon.

Is Atta Laryea lucky or just dreaming?

Episode 3 follows soon.

* Jollof – a type of Ghanaian dish prepared with rice and tomotoes, with its colour as orange.

By : Nii Adjetey Cleland
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Episode 1

Indeed God has given everyone their special gift or talent, and Atta Laryea is one those with the gift of music. His talent enviable and splashed joy on the faces of people. Atta Laryea as passionately and popularly called by his pals was from Osu. He was very tall and slender in nature with his face buried with beautiful and shiny beard. He was really handsome which made him outstanding amongst his colleagues. Atta Laryea was never born into a family background of musicians but excelled in it. He begun by following the mother of his favourite friend Odoi whenever she was going for choir rehearsals when he was just 7 years. That’s how come he realized his gift.

 As time went on, his passion for music increased more than anyone expected, that there were times when he went from house to house to remind the choristers of rehearsal whenever time was getting near. This made some of the choristers liked him more because of the zeal he had, even though he was very young. One day as the choir was rehearsing, Atta Laryea was called upon to rehearse a solo for communion service, because the main soloist, Efo couldn’t make it to rehearsal that day. Atta Laryea sang it beautifully that his fellow choristers applauded his efforts. Indeed he had a sweet and soft baritone voice.

At church, during service, the choir was called upon to render the song which had been rehearsed the other day. It was Presbyterian hymn number 3( My soul shall bless the Lord today) which every Presbyterian loves so much and enjoyed it more as Atta Laryea sang the solo sweetly to uplift their spiritual ecstasy with some shedding tears. He sang the hymn so well expressing all the dynamics in the music that you might think it was an angel who was singing.

After church service, Efo suddenly appeared from nowhere and looked on as the senior Presbyter handed Ghc 200 to Atta Laryea. Efo’s eyes were reddened as he cursed his stars for missing rehearsal which had paved way for Atta Laryea to be given the opportunity to sing the solo. To make things worse for him,  Naa the beautiful  daughter of Mr. Nortey came along and gave Atta Laryea a refreshing kiss on his cheek and also placed her contact card in his pocket. Atta Laryea couldn’t believe is eyes.
Could this be the beginning of great things for Atta Laryea?


By Nii Adjetey Cleland
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The world tends to blind the eyes of the people in it and  sometimes brain-wash their minds. The poor continue to regard themselves as less important whiles the rich continue to have dominance over them.Society has been structured in a way that tends to deepen the segregation and discrimination amongst people and barely gives hope to the poor.

There was once a young student who hailed from a deprived area in the suburb of Accra in Ghana who made his poor parents proud throughout his life time. Even though, his family was not rich and respected in society,he strived very hard to make himself proud wherever he found himself. He excelled academically at the basic school level and gradually progressed to the junior high school where he reckoned with other brilliant students,some of who were his seniors. Despite all the hardships  he faced during his time in school with regards to payment of school fees, he sneaked in and out of the classroom when necessary for his quest for survival. After a period of time in school, he decided to find means to survive therefore he began selling bread and brooms his grandmother every single day before he went for school. Sometimes he was punished severely for being late but that did not change anything about his determination to survive academically and physically.

His devotion to his studies was impeccable as he always burnt the midnight candle in a a very unconducive environment where noise reigned. Has time flew and his days in the high began to be counted towards his final exams which is popularly know as Basic Education Certificate Examinations(B.E.C.E), he decided to make history in his family. He excelled with distinction and he was admitted into the Presbyterian Senior High School, Osu(OPREE). When he gained admission, his parents became very worried and contemplated on how  to finance his education,but as the saying goes, “God makes a way where the seems to be no way”, his parents managed and sold some of the valuable properties such as cloths and gold necklaces and rings. Tears filled his eyes when he realized what his parents had done for him and there, he vowed to make them proud always.

When time was due for a new life in the senior high school, a prayer session was held to commit him into the hands of God as the Bible teaches. His first day was memorable as he found favour in the sight of those who encountered him. He became the favourite to the teachers and the seniors because the countenance of God was upon him. Real life began when he first sat for his terminal examinations which his performance was not anything above average. He then realized the need for urgency in his studies which he reaped the fruits of his labour in the subsequent exams. Soon he was elected a prefect in his first year to help in the administration of the school at the student level. Because of his diligence and tenacity, he was assigned numerous roles in the school, but these roles did not deter him from achieving his academic aspirations.

He was adjudged the overall General Arts student in his second year during the schools’ speech and prize giving day. His mother’s eyes where filled with tears as she witnessed the events. Indeed her son had already made her proud by excelling so well in his academics despite performing numerous roles in the school. He became the song of the teachers and his fellow colleagues as he sparkled beyond the walls of the school as he  represented the school at various competitions winning laurels for the school. He was a true gem of hope for the hopeless school which was regarded as an “unknown school” amongst the giant schools at that time. Some people are born great,others achieve greatness, whether you become great or achieve greatness depends on your self-concept- which is how you see your self above situations. When one is determined to climb the mountain, he is not perturbed of the obstacles that confront him, because those obstacles make him stronger for the actual challenge.

This young boy continued to remain in the sight of GOD at all times as he excelled. Suddenly there arose the greatest threat to the faith of this young one as he was accused of conspiring with his colleagues  to tarnish the image of a teacher in the school. Hence his entire class was suspended for a week without teaching and unfortunately, time was approaching for their final exams. This was indeed a bad news for the class,yet they managed to do with the situation as some students from the class took the role as teachers and helped each other.

He sat for the West Africa Secondary School Certificate Exams and passed with rainbow colours. He later gained admission to the nation’s premier university which is the University of Ghana to read the Bachelor of Arts. There also, he remained the talk of the talkative and the music to the listeners. He has currently been awarded a scholarship to further his profiency in an Eastern African language.

“Life is full of great challenges but how you approach it makes the difference. If you have the right attitude, no challenge will overcome you. With determination and faith one can do what they could never had done. When you fall when walking, stand up and continue the struggle for there is a reward for every effort made. Some of the rewards are shortly gained whiles others take quite long.

There is hope for those who know their God and serve HIM diligently and He makes them strong when they are weak. Those who always give up,end up looking down upon themselves, whiles those strive hard continue to hope for greater things in life.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your part. There is HOPE for the hopeless. Fight the good FIGHT will your might and you will crowned the winner at the end of the day. BE HOPEFUL!”

By Samuel Nii Adjetey Cleland