Have you ever thought of God’s mercies towards us as a country? In the past years ,many countries have been plunged with various forms of afflictions as a result of war,diseases,economic hardships and so forth. god indeed has the identity of a Ghanaian as continues to bless us with countless gifts of favor and  love in all situations. The greatest gift we have received from God in the past years till now is the popular “DUMSOR”,which has taken dominance of country. This name is derived from the sequence in which power is supplied to households and companies in Ghana.

This situation is unbearable for  Ghanians who have been affected massively this year in all their endeavors of life including pupils who now resort to shadows of lights gleaming from the bulbs of banks and cars. I have personally experienced this traumatic event in the University of Ghana,i mean the premium university. Even though this renowned institution has existed for more than sixty years and currently ranked the 3rd best university in Africa,its populace mainly  made up  students and lectures have been affected massively. Recently i was involved in a Part Leaders  Meeting(PLM) in-front of the Students’ Representative Council’s building together with my boss, Master Sampson Anim-Boateng, the choir director and the various part leaders for alto(Delase),bass(David) and myself as the assistant choir director of the noble National union of Presbyterian students – Ghana.  Darkness begun to loom the area as we were learning the famous “THE HEAVENS ARE TELLING” a chorus of The Creation by Joseph Haydn,and the only available place to resort to was an Automated Teller Machine(ATM) whose light brightened moonly. We survived amidst the pitiful mosquitoes which made us applause their magnificent music.

dumTo worsen the situation, all my phones died out of battery and the first place that came in mind was the university guest center which hosted people who for one or two reasons found themselves  in the environs of the university. Luckily i managed to charge my phones in the restaurant at the center after pleading with the supervisor. Then ! my phone beeped! it was a call from my twinnies, The Adubeas to inform me to quickly join them in a taxi to their hall which i did,after all my favorite food(jollof) was with them. As we started moving towards their hall, the lights suddenly came on. I was so happy for that. But my excitement was abruptly ended as the lights went out again. I began to panic because i had  only managed to charge the batter of my cracked galaxy ace phone to 47 percent and my Yam(a china phone with the capacity of 10000mAh to  charge  smart phones) was no where near 10 percent. hmmmmmmmm.

We alighted safely and started heading  towards room P11, no ooo L11 rather, then my fellow Voltarians began to call my populous name ” Unco Cle”,a name which i attained from the Nyonkodos. I remain swollen headed as i have managed to gain popularity in the Volta hall, that their porters accord me seats during football matches. Hahahaha are you my co equal ? Such is life. After enjoying the delicious meal, i lay on the day to rest whiles darkness continued to fan away the sweat which crippled down on my face as a result of the coolness of the jollf and meat. Suddenly i heard a knock.  Gban gban gban!!! My heart jumped! I began to sweat like a pregnant fish as if i was in a hot water. the bang on the door persisted for another minute and i became more gripped with fear. the ladies were afraid and so was i. Who will open the door, i asked myself? I gathered courage and moved towards the door. immediately i opened the door, i received a resounding hot slap on my cheek and blood started to ooze out profusely. As i tried to figure out the identity of this wicked person who had reddened my face in the dark,then the lights came on. But before i could protest,there was another lights out as i received another thunderous slap on the same cheek. I then realized how babyish i was as began to cry. Both  adubea junior and senior began to cry. After few minutes of crying i recognized that it was Baba Ole whom i had stolen his Kelewele at the wedding reception which i attended on 14th February, 2015. Awwwww DUMSOR couldn’t save me ooooo.

to be continued …………………………….



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