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“If I were a bird, I would fly high into the skies and never look back to the things that held me back in times past, things that were never meant to stay with me. Things that took away my happiness”. I have found what I have always wanted, and I must not give up on it. It’s a treasure I may never have again, but I must not also look forward to the things that will distract me from the treasure I have now”. These were the thoughts that were running through Tumaini’s mind, the man who saved Pendo.

He had been relieving himself on the Mbezi beach, where he goes to seek comfort and meditate upon his life. He had found something which he had never thought of having. He was in love with Pendo after visiting her on her sickbed at the hospital, after that eventful night.
Both of them were surprised at seeing each other and blushed with beautiful smiles all over their faces to express how grateful they were to someone who had been kind towards them. Pendo was glad for meeting the man who had saved her, and Tumaini was thankful to God for saving Pendo’s life. They greeted each other and begun introducing themselves.

That’s how things had started to work so swiftly between them within a few weeks. Pendo had promised to support Tumaini out of his situation and help him build a new life for himself.
Tumaini was the son of an oil merchant in Kenya but had been disowned by his own family after he had refused to kowtow to their demands of studying medicine some years ago. He had been able to survive in Tanzania all this while with the little penny he had in his bank account, until that fateful day when he was attacked and robbed on his way to work. As if the world had turned against him, he was sacked by his cruel boss for being late for work, even though he tried his best explaining things to him.
That’s how come he ended up on the streets and found himself in that uncompleted building on the night where Pendo was almost raped and killed.

Pendo and Tumaini started falling in love with each other despite all the disparity that was obvious to separate them. Tumaini wasn’t ready to give up on Pendo for anything, not even for his family, who had disowned him to his fate.
Pendo also cherished his commitment, love, loyalty and most of all, his patience towards her. Sifa couldn’t believe this for herself and saw all that happened as a comedy, even though she had been a witness to the memorable events between them.

Pendo sometimes imagined how things would have been if she hadn’t met Tumaini and that motivated her to render her heart and being to him, which he took very care of without a sigh.
‘Pendo, nakupenda zaidi ya chochote (I love you more than anything) for the new life you gave me when I never deserved it.

‘I owe you nothing than the life which you saved when it was almost stolen and lost’.

These were the poetic conversations they always had whenever they sat out in the night to look at the beautiful, spherical moon. They sounded like two poets who knew how to play with their imaginations at twilight.
One evening as they went to have dinner at one of the most exquisite restaurants in Dar together with Sifa and his lovely, stylish boyfriend, Tumaini stood up unexpectedly and blew their minds with the unexpected. He went on his knees and grabbed Pendo’s hands and begun reciting one his love poems.

” I don’t think you will ever fully comprehend how you’ve made my dreams come true, or how you’ve opened my heart to love and the wonders it can do. I seek not for anything, but I seek out for your companionship. I seek out for no one, but I seek you alone, who makes my life and aspirations complete and unquenchable. I seek you to be the one that will fill the vacuum that is left by being my woman and wife till eternity. I ask of you, my Pendo, “Be my Wife!” As he placed the blinking and glittering diamond bracelet around her wrist.

Pendo couldn’t believe what she was witnessing, never had she thought he would do this so early. Her eyes were filled with barrels of tears pouring out steadily like the rain drizzling on a Sunday morning.

They were tears of joy in her eyes like that of Cristiano Ronaldo’s when they qualified to the finals of Euros after drawing all their games in the group stages and managing to steal the shootouts from the most deservedly Polish team.

‘ I am ready for you Tumaini, take me and make me yours’, she replied as they held and hugged each other tightly and as they were about to kiss, they heard GOOOOOAL⚽. Portugal had done another wonder. This made them burst into laughter and kissed💏 more, as Sifa and his boyfriend stood gazing and applauding them.





It was an exciting episode yesterday, but I first seek to apologise wholeheartedly for the little mistakes that cropped up. I hope you enjoy today’s edition dedicated to a very close friend of mine.

Pendo laid bleeding profusely like an innocent lamb slain in the throat by a cruel butcher. She had been shot in the ribs making her groan loudly in a helpless state. She had been left all by herself and was almost blacking out when she saw a man in tattered clothes like a mad man seeking a place to shade himself from the cosy weather drawing close.
The man quickly drew closer to Pendo and took off his tattered shirts to shield her wound and carried her in his arms and rushed to the roadside to get a vehicle to convey her to the hospital. This man was shedding tears as if he knew who he was helping. It was a critical moment for Pendo as she tried taking a close look at the man.
After some few minutes, they got to the Kairuki hospital where Pendo was put on the emergency carrier by the nurses. This man was still crying uncontrollably, which drew unwanted attention from the nurses at the reception. They were awed by his appearance and behaviour.
He sat down with his head leaning on the wall, waiting to hear from the nurses or the doctor before leaving.
“Is she alive doctor”, he asked with his eyes dripping with tears.
“Are you related to the victim”, the doctor asked him.
“No doctor, I was on my way to sleep in an uncompleted building when I met her laying down, bleeding and I didn’t have any option than to help her—seeing her groan soaked my eyes since I had being a victim like her some years back”.
The doctor and the nurse were surprised and were swelled with goosebumps as they listened to his narration.
“Her condition is getting stable, gentleman. I will advise you to return tomorrow to see her in it will be possible to do so”, as he reached out for some shillings from his wallet to give to the man.
“Asante Mkuu, ubarikiwe (thank you, boss, be blessed)” he said as he bid farewell to the doctor and the nurses.
Meanwhile, Pendo laid on her bed, wondering in her dream how she had been saved—saved by a man in a shiny white shirt. The radiating smiles on her face could only show how thankful she felt for whoever had saved her life.
After some hours of sound sleep, she woke up and tried raising herself, but she only ended up hurting herself. The nurse noticed she was awake and quickly rushed to her aid.
Hey, you are wake dear, I hope you are feeling quite better?”
“Yes, please, nurse. “May I know who brought me to the hospital ?”
“Erm, errrm, sujui nisemeje (I don’t know what even to say)”, she said to herself. “It was a tall, hairy man in tattered clothes who brought you. He seemed troubled and disturbed by your condition, and we thought the gentleman knew you until he revealed that he was passing by when he saw you in a helpless state and had brought you here. We asked him to pass by tomorrow to check on you so don’t worry much. You will meet him tomorrow”.
Pendo seemed lost in thoughts as she was trying to figure out who this man was. How come he was at the place of incident, where I almost got raped and shot? Was he one of the bad guys who was trying to be a hero like Judas? Why would he save my life?”
These were the sort of questions she kept asking herself till she remembered that she had a friend, Sifa. Sifa must know about my situation she said to herself as she called out to the nurse to help her reach out to Sifa.
“Hello Sifa, please come to the Kairuki hospital now. I have been admitted here”.
Meanwhile, the gentleman who rescued Pendo returned to find another place to spend the night at as it was raining by then. Who could this man be?

To be continued……..



Hello to you, my cherished readers. It’s a beautiful moment to share with you some of my short but fascinating stories, written mostly during my leisure schedules. I hope you enjoy this new journey with me!
It was a raucous, raining, cold morning as she woke up after a long but horrific night occupied with horrendous nightmares, full of discomforting scenes of attempted rape and murder.
A nightmare that never tends to elude her mind whenever she needs a sound sleep. It always casts her memory to the night she was attacked on her way back home from one of her routine of visiting her best friend, Sifa.

Sifa has always been that tight – lovely friend of Pendo ever since they met at the University of Dar es Salaam, a place which abodes “Lila na Fila” (good and bad) memories.
She had gone to visit Sifa that very night, and they enjoyed themselves cooking pilau and quenching their thirst with novida, watching movies, cracking jokes and singing lullabies whiles reminiscing their childhood.
They had taken a keen interest in knowing themselves very well, just like Jackie and Teo, trying to build a formidable friendship and sharing their experiences and expectations for the future ahead after school.
It never occurred to them how time had eluded them since they had fallen asleep after watching an exciting episode of the Ghanaian series named Yolo (You Only Live Once). It educates the young generation about the dangers of HIV/AIDS and other important related issues.

On a typical day, she would have slept at Sifa’s place as she frequently does and not burdening herself to get a bajaji back to her rented house near Mikocheni. Sifa didn’t have any other option than to bid farewell to her beautiful, slender friend, Pendo, after trying to convince her to pass the night out at her place.
She escorted her towards the main road as she waited patiently for a bajaji, “the safest” transport system to border at night in Dar es Salaam if you’re not a bulky, bold man like either Bertold or Mzungu. Pendo usually prefers boarding an empty bajaji, but unfortunately this time there were two young, criminal – like passengers already inside, which ignited her fears. She hesitated climbing onto it, as it may be a trap set for her just like any other innocent lady for the thirsty, cruel men waiting and searching for a prey to devour to satisfy their sexual pleasures.

On her attempt to flee from them, she hit her leg against a stone and fell unconsciously on the tarted, lonely and scary road. It didn’t take long then the young men grabbed her like deadwood into the bajaji, smiling at each other just like Suarez and Diego Costa, the villains of modern football. Quickly and swiftly, they drove away from the place and headed towards their laboratory to digest their prey.
When they got the place, they heard screeching sounds of tables in the room, which prompted their steps toward the middle room of the uncompleted building. Some two other folks were already enjoying a “nice meal”, which they had grabbed from their usual prostitute’s joints at Sinza.
They silently entered the room without the notice of the crew who were exercising their muscles on the two plump ladies.

Meanwhile, Pendo was still unconscious and the others looking after her, started pulling down her trousers as they undressed her. Suddenly, she gained consciousness and pushed the guy who was on top of her and ran naked as she was towards the middle room unknowingly—the place where a confrontation ensued between the guys, who were with the prostitutes and the kidnappers.
BOOM!BOOM!BOOM!!! were the sounds shooting directed towards Pendo. She was in a mess.
To be continued

By Nii Adjetey Cleland



Every society or institution has something that it thrives in or peculiar to them and same is to be mentioned of Presec Osu. Entertainment is one of the aspects of  school life which can’t be overlooked. As the popular adage goes”  all work and no play…”.

It is in this respect that the school puts in measures so it’s students can use the opportunity to identify, nurture and develop their abilities. Entertainment are in various forms at OPRE, from the school choir to the drama club,cultural troop, street dancers, rappers,comedians, magicians and clowns as well.

In all these categories, there were individuals who did well and are still excelling.

The school choir has been amazing and vibrant since its inception and has produced lots of great musicians. The school choir is something special to talk about when looking at the prospects of the school. It has been participating in various activities both within and outside the school. Its renowned for been the best and most preferable school in the Greater Accra region and the nation at large in terms of traditional and contemporary choral music and has won many laurels for the school. It has also shot the name of the town Osu to be recognised as the home of choral music in the region.  It’s been through several transformational periods under the leadership of Mr. Oko Ofori, Mr. Okai, Mr. Adzei-Holm,Mr. Adentwewaa ,Nana Forson, Mr. Amakye, Mr.Asamoah and other people as well.

The school choir has produced and continues to produce great singers like Adotey Mingle,Samuel Nsiah,Dorothy Tagoe,Joseph Quaynor, Augustus Marmah, Samuel Cleland, Jonathan Tetteh, Eleanor Annor, Beatrice Nunno ,Abigal Gablah,Anthony Dumenyo,Peter Abbey, Patience Addo, Elikem, Comfort Tawiah, Richmond Norteye Yebuah,  Emmanuel Ankamah and John Forde, Martha of the HarmoniousChorale,Michael Ako Adjei and Patience Addo. The choir has an album to its name.

This drama club was made up of students with the zeal,tenacity and passion for acting. This group was so amazing and garnished  with horizons of talents likes  Abraham Borketey, Phyllis Kissie, Eugene Dovlo, Reinhard, Beatrice and Theresa Odoteye, Priscilla Anum Noi, Cynthia Tetteh, Jennifer Takyi,Moses Tsama, MJ,Emmanuel Mensah,Phyllis, Kassim who were outstanding. Their hard work earned them fame and laurels for the school.

 They famously known for winning the Anase Drama competition with several of them winning individual awards respectively. It must also be acknowledged that, these students were under the indispensable tutelage of some teachers like Ms. Agbeme, Ms. Dowetin and other generous old students who contributed enormously to their development.

We also had the likes Andrews Armah(Mola), Eleazer Asante(Akrantie),Prince Amertepey(Asomdwe dompe), Yoku  Fergurson,Sampson  Obuamah Tetteh,Isaac Annan(Natural Marley),Lil kid,Young stuna,Elijah Botwe(Breezy) who were very talented in  rap music and Phyllis the only female rapper amongst them. They always entertained the school whenever the  platform was at their disposal. Some have moved on to develop their talents and others are also pursuing other lucrative avenues to build a bright and better future. Juliana Okoe  was an incredible dancer for the school. A huge talent she was.

There were a host of entertaining activities like the DramaFest, Homecoming bash,Freshers Day and other activities.

Memories of OPRE always brings to us nostalgic feelings . We love OPRE.

By : Nii Adjetey Cleland
Facebook : Nii Adjetey Cleland
Twitter : @macgillcleland
© 2016

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The test of a good teacher is not how many questions he can ask his pupils that they will answer readily, but how many questions he inspires them to ask him which he finds it hard to answer.
-Alice Wellington Rollins

A teacher takes a HAND,opens a MIND, touches a HEART. The best part of everyone’s life is to remember the hands that helped in their upbringing and this includes golden people like our teachers. Even though we had tough times with them, we cannot dispute the good seeds that they tirelessly planted on our thorny and rocky hearts as young as we were then.

Some were mothers,fathers and others were brothers and sisters. Some were friends others were treasures, all and sundry impacting greatly in our lives.

To be frank there were interesting characters we had as teachers,some were good and others were too good with the canes. A day without caning was a sacred day. We had the likes of Mr. Agbosege, Mr. Amoah,Mr. Awuku, Mr.Amakye, Aunty Bea, Nana  Forson, Mr.Sowah,Mr. Kotey and others who were good at two things.

First,they were good with teaching and made sure their students were tooo good to be students. The other was that they could cane the devil out of you. Their canes were special in our lives. It helped shaped our lives. There was a lady from one of the business class,who persistently and consciously made sure she collapsed whenever she was to be caned,that was her way to escape.

There were some teachers who made us laugh all the time either by their demanour our acts. Such were Mr. Ohemeng, Agbesi,Joe Regge, Asare, Mrs . Agyeman, Mr. Okai. You could always expect to have a glimpse of laughter whenever you meet them.

Mr. Okai,the then music teacher was really smart with his dressing.  He made sure his trousers were beyond his waist with his buttocks shaking like a woman whenever he walked. He was funny in nature. He together with Mr. Amakye, Nana Forson and Mr. Asamoah helped the choir’s renaissance.

We had the mothers like, Miss Lartey, Ocansey, Quansah, Adike Lawer, Aneh, Acolatse, Akumeh who played different roles in people’s lives.

Another incredible staff member we had in the school was the late Mrs. Wellington a.k.a Signm). Every student who went to OPRE came into contact with this amazing woman. She was the store keeper and stock distributor who incessantly insisted that students signed against their names whenever they went to collect their books, uniforms or anything that had to do with her office,which earned her the nickname Signm). She was friendly and amiable to all students and other staff members. May her soul perfectly rest in God’s bosom.

Mr. Botwe! A short,fine grown man with admirable moustache who made sure his students never kept their beards or moustache like his. He was a thorn in the flesh of many students. He was very good at seizing unprescribed uniforms, shoes,belts,wrist bands and most importantly mobile phones. He could sniff,smell and identify if a student was having a phone. He was also our senior supervisor during examinations. You could hardly sneak something into the exams hall.

Rev. Wellington was that cool teacher who always loved to be in the biology laboratory and you hardly find outside the school compound.

There were also some teachers who always sent students on errands never bothering if they had classes or not either to the bank,market, to buy food for them.

We had the English experts like Ms. Dowetin, Agbeme,Mr. Nat Amoah,Ms. Moncar who prepared the debate team for competitions and Mr.Otu our funny P.E teacher who chased us to P.E always.

Miss. Aba Quainoor a.k.a Cadet madam was another wonderful character. She was the backbone of the Cadet and typing students who always made noise with typewriters. Miss Ala Adjetey-Din, another hardworking Oposan counterpart of Ms. Aba Quainoor.

There were two wonderful women who steered the affairs of the school. Ms. Adjetey and Ms. Osei. This combination was awesome. Each one of them had their special weapons which they used very well. Ms. Osei was the literature teacher and could missile words to conquer a student. “Look at your crooked nose”,was her popular phrase. The literature students always testified to scoring James Bond numbers in their exams like OO2, 003, 007,001. How?

Ms. Adjetey being a Ga teacher manipulated her language so well that they they could straighten a crooked spine. These two were hardworking and brought the best from their students.

Ms. D. D. O Welbeck a.k.a Kyeeiwaa was an outstanding and  successful head teacher you could hardly find. Rooted and adherent  to the values and principles of discipline irrespective of who mattered. She always kept the ball rolling at all times,ensuring that both students and teachers were performing satisfactorily.

She knew every student by his or her name and her passion and drive for extra curricula activities were irresistible and incessant. The school choir was her identity,the drama club her fashion and sports her life. She loved and supported every activity under her auspices.

This cannot end without mentioning the likes of D3d33d3,Jona a.k.a Carpiee,  and Mr. Antwi.  These three  have been working with the school for many years and still counting. Mr. Antwi was our horticulturist who beautified the flowers and trees to suit the landmark of the school. D3d33d3 was our gate man who did his work with dedication and diligence. He was very friendly to all students, but was the one that bared students who hadn’t paid their school fees from entering the school.Carpiee,the school’s carpenter and boyfriend to all the girls.

All these people and others are like golden petals in our hearts like the daffodils. We will cherish them always. Oh life brings to us unforgettable memories.

By : Nii Adjetey Cleland
Facebook : Nii Adjetey Cleland
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Gone where the day when Mr. Johnson,Kofi Yesu, Mr. Ankamah,the professional P.E  teachers  who masterminded the success of the school in terms of sporting activities. From athletics to soccer, hockey to cross country. Presec Osu excelled in them all and we had great heroes and heroines. But behind these successes,there were interesting stories surrounding them.

It was  in the middle of the term when, Kofi Yesu called for preparations towards the upcoming InterCo. This time it was soccer,volley ball,hockey,table tennis, basketball. As usual, you will see the likes of Pius Owusu, Odai, Ahmed, Andrew (Gaucho),Coleman(Guns), Wellington Daniel the other footballers making up the team for school. Odai was a professional goalkeeper who plied his trades with Liberty professional, one of Ghana’s top team and happened to be sponsored to watch the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Even though we had a great squad,we couldn’t rock horns with the likes of La Presec, Teshie Presec and Kinbu, who had fantastic players. The team that we were at par with most at times were Labone, St. Thomas Aquinas and O’reiley.

On the other hand we performed brilliantly in terms of handball with the likes of Samuel Newton, Kassim, Dellor, Bezoe. For the girls division we had the likes of Keziah Danquah,who was an all rounder in all sporting  activities. She could play handball,hockey,football and volley ball.

Hockey was fun amongst all sporting events at OPRE. We had great talents who marvelled and showcased our school in the whole  country. At the mention of Hockey,all schools kowtowed to  us. We have been great in this field since the late 1970’s with the likes of Mr. Lomotey who played for the national team on several occasions and later on became a teacher and helped groomed players for subsequent years. OPRE happened to produce players at all levels for the national hockey  teams,both male and female categories.

Johny Botsio and Emmanuel Akaba were the fame of the school. They were already playing in the junior national teams and Johnny was voted the best and top scorer in Africa.  He was also adjudged the promising star of the year during the SWAG awards in 2011. 

Akaba was an excellent player as well. Both Akaba and Botsio mesmerising to watch.We also had the likes of Dj Kple, Gideon Ashley, Emmanuel Obeng, Theophilus Ofosu Manu, Gerrard Amarteifio and Keziah Danquah. This was the sports that Miss. Welbeck a.k.a Kyeewaa loved so much and she play as well.

Percy Peprah, Adiza Mohammed and Esther were fans of table tennis.

In athletics,there was only one person amongst others who was outstanding and remains in the history books of OPRE, he is called Kenya. Kenya a was a top long distance runner in the country with his counterpart Ethiopia from Chemu Secondary school. They were both brilliant and thrilling to watch during InterCo. Their raced like cheetahs, with their hearts never stopping to beat.

I remember vividly how students were caned to pay their house dues or tickets for InterCo. You will see Mr. Johnson bullying students and squeezing monies out of their pockets,braziers, shoes and bags to pay. It was really fun.

On the day of InterCo , you will see Dorothy, Mercy,Kofi Annan,Priscilla Noi,Tea bread and bounce bread,Midoley,Okla,  Ankamah, Augustus, Quaynor, Cleland, Phyllis, Samantha, Regina Cudjoe, Seth Opoku,Akanlo,Clement, Clara,Mavis,Dorcas Manortey,Abigail Yeboah and others all in their track suits trekking to El wak to witness the games. One amazing thing that the  guys of OPRE did was to come all way to Daavi’s place to eat z)z) before they set off for El wak irrespective of their houses.

El wak was a special place for most students from different schools. It was the place where boyfriends met girlfriends, students wore skinny or short dresses,dance battles were held,and ‘ jama’ took place.

It was on one of these occasions when I met my adororable friend, Beatrice Provecal from Accra Girls. It was fun that day as I spent almost the day walking and chatting with her and other friends.

It was really a time to meet old friends and make new ones. During this time you will see the OPRE ladies hanging on to the Aquinas and Labone boys. It was always a dream to meet the Labone girls. They were immaculate and splendid in their dressing,indeed admirable. You couldn’t locate a spot in their white shirts nor their long white socks with short skirts,with some of their guys acting girlish.

Do you also know that some girls depended on InterCo to visit their boyfriends at their houses or go on a shopping spree at Makola or circle?

These tales will never be forgotten.

Continues later

By : Nii Adjetey Cleland
Facebook : Nii Adjetey Cleland
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It was on the 14th October, 2008,one beautiful morning, a day that marked the beginning of stardom and doomdom for students who had qualified to the senior secondary school to further their education. A memorable and a special day for those who had gotten admissions to the renowned schools in the country like Achimota, Mfantsepim, Holy Child,Accra Academy, St. Thomas Aquinas, Krobo Girls,Wesley Girls and the rests.  Whilst people like Ahmed,Botsio, Adiza, Cleland, Eleazer, Dorothy, Mercy,Quaynor(Sasco Rat),Black Jesus and Kumi,the most darkest in colour had also secured admission to no other school than the Presbyterian Senior High School, Osu.

That eventful morning, Charles woke up earlier than the  usual,it was going to be his first day in school. He did all his house chores and quickly left home for school. The school wasn’t far away from his house,just a kilometre walk, but he had never stepped his feet on the compounds of the school until that very day. He had heard how stern and jovial the security personnel(D3d33d3) is. How the head academic was, gigantic and disciplined.

He met a fleet of students on the school compound, tidying it with all seriousness, with strict supervision by the seniors on duty.’Ee boy come and get a broom before the unexpected happens to you on your first day’, It was Kple,the senior on duty from the visual arts department.

Charles quickly did as was said. In the course  of cleaning the compound, the siren rang. The tune of the siren was very familiar to him that he could sing the solfa of it. It was time for Form Day.

In accordance to the tradition of the school,every Tuesday was put aside for meetings between the students and their Form masters or mistresses. It was a time to share ideas and pour out their grievances  in order for them to be addressed by the school authorities.

Cleland quickly went to his class, General Arts B. Other students were already in,some in their big school uniforms and others in unprescribed attires. Cleland  was very slim but cute,with deep dimples on his cheeks. His white and blue black uniform was a big as you can think. He was very small in them. The school uniform had been named “Kyeewaa martenity gown”, because no matter how shapeful you were,you could just not be identified. It’s that uniform that displaces your natural beauty.

Mr. Sackey a.k.a Joe Regge, the Form master for General Arts B arrived in the class and took his seat.
“Good morning, you are welcome to OPRE, the school which is famous for discipline and hard work.  Before we start with today’s meeting, I want one of you to say a word of prayer. You fair lady what’s your name?”

“Sir please am called Dorothy “. “Okay play for us”, Joe Regge said. “Sir please what did you say?”
“Herr I said play for us”. All the students laughed their hearts out. “Quite, he said to prompt them from laughing.

Joe Regge had the problem of pronouncing the alphabets  (L &R),it’s something associated with the Alan.

,Joe Regge opened the floor for recital of memory verses,after Dorothy  had finished praying.Dorothy was one of the students in unprescribed attire. She wore a blue check attire with her hair well combed .It was  then the Scripture scholars stood up with the likes of Mercy, Dorothy,Ruby,Isaac, Bright and Benjamin. They all recited their verses well and then the meeting formally started.

Dorothy was very fair and beautiful,with a tiny sweet voice. She was very attractive to all the boys in the class and almost all of them found themselves around her. Cleland was amongst those people.

Normal school activities continued after the Form day.
Soon afterwards, Miss Adjetey a.k.a Manchester entered the class and caught some students shouting on top of their voices. It was Prince and Vincent. She quickly gave them some strokes of cane. Vincent couldn’t sit on the desk after receiving the lashes. Cleland  and Joseph laughed at them.

First day at OPRE wasn’t that memorable, as expected by all the form 1’s . This was because the Form 3 students were bullying the the Ninos. Poor Benjamin was asked  to kneel down because he refused to buy z)z)(beans) for one of his seniors who wasn’t having money that day.

Unfortunately for Benjamin, Mr. Amoah saw him kneeling down and perceived he had done something bad. He quickly asked for a cane and gave him some lashes.
“I will give you six thousand(6000)”. That was his favourite phrase he quoted whenever  he had to cane someone.

To be continued later………………..

By : Nii Adjetey Cleland
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EPISODE 5 -Finale 

“A special world for you and me

A special bond one cannot see

It wraps us up in its cocoon

And holds us fiercely in its womb.

Its fingers spread like fine spun gold

Gently nestling us to the fold

Like a silken thread, it holds us fast

Bonds like this are meant to last.

And though at times a thread may break

A new one forms in its wake

To bind us closer and keep us strong

In a special world, where we belong.” Atta Laryea recited Sheelagh Lennon’s poem to Naa.

This seemed to be too much for her as she kissed him on his lips. 

“Atta Laryea I’m about to tell you something which you will find difficult to believe. But I crave your true understanding not to have any bad perception about me. Would you mind if I call you just Unco Laryea?” 

She asked.

“Naa please feel free to tell me anything because nothing will change what I feel for you. You can call me whatever you want to, my dear”, for me, it seems we are to be in love with each other, Atta Laryea replied.

“Unco I want you to know that I am in love with you. I know it’s strange, but I have never felt anything of such as I do now, even though my parents love me. I wished we had met long ago, but things always happen on their own. However, I can’t hide my feelings for you. 

I only have a couple of days to left on my calendar, and then I will vacate this world. “

Atta Laryea’s face changed upon hearing her last statement. 

“What are you talking about Naa? I don’t understand. Please explain yourself further. Why are you vacating this world?” He asked curiously. 

“Unco Laryea, what you are about to hear will tear you apart. I’m HIV POSITIVE”

“Eei, how did you get it, were you born with it or you were infected through unprotected sex? Please tell me. My heart aches so much, don’t do this to me. Am in love with you dearly”, Atta Laryea asked, sobbing. 

“Atta Laryea, if you love me then please calm down and listen to me. This is the best thing we can do to shield the love we have for each other. 

When I was in Form Four, I had an accident on my way home from school, it was a terrible one, but I managed to survive with minor injuries. My driver was injured, and I offered to help drag him out of the car as there were no people around at that time. Unknowing to me, he had the HIV, which got transferred to me as I tried pulling him out. His blood spilt on my injured leg, which has resulted in this”.

Naa couldn’t control her tears as she narrated it. Atta Laryea, on the other hand, was so shocked by what he had heard. After a couple of minutes of silence, Atta Laryea stood up, reached out into his pocket for his handkerchief, and wiped away the tears on Naa’s face.

“Naa my dear, you need not worry or cry again. It was through an accident which you, unfortunately, got infected. I want you to have a change of attitude and emotions henceforth because I am going to be with you through this till the very end.

Moreover, many people have the virus but are living healthy. Honestly, I wouldn’t have known that you had the infection if you hadn’t told me. You look healthy, and I hope you continue to remain the same because I want you to be an example and motivation for others. Mainly, people who live with the virus. Please I know you need love in this situation and that’s precisely what I’m about to offer you from today, unconditionally. “

Naa was startled to hear this from Atta Laryea. This made her so happy and brought confidence into her being. Soon afterwards, Naa and Atta Laryea’s parents arrived with food and fruit juices. They were pleased to see Atta Laryea and Naa together. 

After some time of laughter and cracking of jokes, Naa called for their attention. 

“Our dear parents, we have something to share with you, but that will be done by my sweetheart, Unco Laryea, as Atta Laryea stood up smiling.

“I am happy to announce to you that I would want to be with Naa all my life irrespective of her condition. I am deeply in love with her, and she also loves me more. Even though this sounds strange to you, we only plead for your understanding. I want us to be a difference in our society. We need to let them know that people with HIV/AIDS can have better lives. They can fulfil their potentials, and that’s what I have agreed to do, to show Naa the love she needs to have a normal life. These people deserve a better life”. Atta Laryea said.

Their parents began to clap at the speech they had just heard from Atta Laryea. It seemed both Atta Laryea’s parents knew about Naa’s condition as they embraced each other. 

So many things had just happened in just a day. Everyone was happy.

As they were in the ward, Nii Yemo, Atta Laryea’s younger brother and Naa MoMo, Naa’s sister entered holding hands together. Destiny had brought them together, and everyone was so much happy. It was a family love affair. 

Atta Laryea and Naa got married later and started a foundation to promote education on HIV / AIDS nationwide. Atta Laryea and Naa happily lived together and gave birth to three beautiful and healthy children. 



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Episode 4

‘ Where are you coming from Atta Laryea? Where and what have you been up to? Tell me before I give you a resounding slap on both sides of your face! Have you forgotten your manners? How can you disrespectfully leave the house without informing us, your parents? You must be very careful, ooo!’ Aunty Caro said exasperated.

 ‘Mom calm down, I haven’t done anything bad except that I forgot to inform you of my whereabouts. I’m sorry for that, besides I saved the life of a precious person not long ago. I think you will be more grateful when you get to know what I am talking about’, Atta Laryea said and leaving to his room.

‘My son come here! Whose life did you save?’, she asked curiously. Mom, it’s Naa, your friend, Mrs Nortey’s daughter. She was involved in an accident on her way to ermm ermm….’. Stop the erm erm, on her way to where?, His mom inquired with a straight face.

‘Mom I invited her to come and share my Jollof with me’, he said, turning his face away from his mother. 

‘Chef Laryea, have you prepared any Jollof that you invited someone to eat with you, not to mention, my friend’s daughter. You should have told me; I would have put some on fire for her? But I hope she is fine now?’

Meanwhile, Atta Laryea’s father and his brother were laughing at them, especially the Jollof part, “Chef Laryea”.

Aunty Caro took her phone and called Mrs Nortey to extend her support to the family. Both of them had been good friends since they joined the Osu Ebenezer Presbyterian Church, but have been distanced for some time now. Mrs Nortey was quick to thank and acknowledge what Atta Laryea had done for her daughter.

Atta Laryea was very tired and needed to have enough rest before he returns to the hospital once again to seek the welfare of Naa. As he was sleeping, he dreamt again. This time, he was on the bedside of Naa, singing to her. Naa was so happy as she attentively enjoyed Atta Laryea’s voice, that magical voice that had attracted her to him. 

Atta Laryea woke up after sleeping for close to an hour; this time there was no interruption from anyone. He enjoyed this dream and purposed to replicate it in reality when he gets to the hospital. He went to the bathroom and planned to rehearse a song to sing for Naa as he bathed. ‘Should I sing “I need Thee every hour” or “When morning gilds the sky?”-He contemplated. It was so refreshing.

 Unknown to him, his mom had bought some fruits and packed them nicely in a basket for Naa.

When Atta Laryea finished, he went to the sitting room. He sought permission from his dad, who delightfully permitted him. 

There was something strange about his dad, as he seemed to be smiling all the time. Or was it that he was happy with the heroics of his son? Only God knows.

 “Unco Laryea, please come and take the fruits and give them to my “shayoo”. This made all of them burst into laughter. Atta Laryea then set off to the hospital. 

When he got there, Naa’s parents hadn’t arrived yet, so he sought the permission of the nurse on duty who took him to Naa’s ward. Naa was still asleep, but Atta Laryea was allowed to sit by her bedside.

He began to sing solemnly, and immediately the nurse left the ward. The sound of his voice woke Naa, who smiled and looked into Atta Laryea’s eyes. She then held his hand gently and smoothed them whiles he continued singing. 

To be continued later. Episode 5

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Episode 3

After some few minutes, Atta Laryea had a call from an unknown number,” who could this be?”, he thought. The only person he was expecting a call from was Naa, for direction to his house. He reluctantly answered the call. “Hello, are you related to the owner of this phone? She was just involved in an accident on Oxford street, and it seems you are the last person she called. Please rush to the SSNIT hospital on the Oxford Street of Osu”, said the caller.

Atta Laryea was left shocked after hearing the news of Naa’s involvement in an accident and was figuring out what to do. Little did he know about Naa’s family and at this moment, he wanted to rush to Naa’s house to inform her parents, but he also wasn’t sure if that was the best thing to do. 

Naa had been knocked down by a car on her way to Atta Laryea’s house, and her condition wasn’t that good. She was to be operated on as soon as possible but needed a blood donor to save her life first. Things had turned so bad within a twinkling of an eye. 

Atta Laryea quickly rushed to the roadside and boarded a taxi to the hospital. He coincidentally met Mr and Mrs Nortey, who were downhearted and lost in reality. Naa’s younger sister, Naa MoMo, was crying with her head buried between her legs.

The doctor came out after some few minutes, soaked in sweat as he was working very hard to save Naa’s life. “Who matches her blood group?”, the doctor asked. There was no answer from any of her family members, which was very strange to him. Naa’s blood group was different from theirs.

“Please check mine if mine matches hers”, Atta Laryea said shedding tears.

The doctor quickly asked the nurses to do the examination, which turned up to be positive. Smiles flooded the faces of Naa’s parents, who were torn between hope and despair. Could Naa survive? Atta Laryea was rushed to the ward for the blood transfusion whiles they fervently prayed.

After an hour, the doctor came out again, but this time relieved and happy. Naa’s life had been saved timely, and you could imagine the smiles that had relocated on their faces.

Mr Nortey, who was happiest amongst them, went and congratulated Atta Laryea, “you saved my daughter! ” Naa was the treasure he valued more than anything in his life. 

“Wow”, Atta Laryea sighed and sought permission to get back home and return later in the evening, since his house was just 1 km from the hospital. What a day it had been for him.

Atta Laryea is the Hero! What happens next?

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